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Laura Lewinski

I am a Psychologist and Certified Coach, and have been a nomad for over 15 years.

I developed my career initially in the Human Resources area, working with multicultural teams in multinational organizations in different countries such as:

- Marriott (USA)
- Hyatt (Argentina)
- CNP (Brasil)
- IBM (remote for North Latin America)

I have had the opportunity to live in different countries such as Argentina, where I was born, the USA, Brazil and China.

16 years

as a Nomad

327 people

that I invited to my birthday and I never saw again


farewell parties



"I have had the fortune to work in every country where I lived. I have the experience of being both the one being transferred and the traveling partner. This allowed me to have two different points of view when moving and all that comes together with changing your life".

Laura Lewinski

Along my journey

I’ve been passionate about studying the phenomenon of expats and their personal and professional challenges.

Reinvent myself several times, especially when I was following my husband's career.
Exciting and challenging, and one of these challenges can sometimes betaking an alternative path in order to fully enjoy our life abroad.
overcome these challenges and live a conscious, productive and happy nomad life.